The alternative wolf and bear park in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach in the Black Forest

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The bear park is located on the right hand side between Schapbach and Bad Rippoldsa. Having opened in 2010, you can observe wolves and bears in their natural habitats here, in an area of almost 10 hectares.
The park has provided a new home to bears which have been mistreated or those which were kept in unsuitable captivity.
In September 2011 there were 6 bears in the park. Jurka, the mother of Bruno the problem bear, also lives here. Two of the bears arrived in July 2011 – both had spent over 25 years in a circus. In addition, there have been 3 wolves in the park since April 2011.
During a tour of the park, and with a little patience, you can observe the bears and wolves.


We recommend taking a guided tour with one of the park staff.

t the entrance you will find an information stand. Various future projects intend to provide visitors with information about the animal welfare, ecological and environmental protection issues.

Öffnungszeiten Wolf- und Bärenpark:
März bis Oktober: 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr
November bis Februar: 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
Hunde sind angeleint erlaubt


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